The Largest Remaining Parcel of Unprotected Open Space in the El Cerrito hills


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    Fairview Open Space is located at the end of Fairview Drive and is part of a wildlife corridor. It borders El Cerrito's Hillside Natural Area, is located within a mile of Wildcat Canyon and within a few blocks of Canyon Trail Park. Numerous animals are seen year round. Deer will give birth to fawns and remain; Coyotes are frequent inhabitants and will also raise their young on this hillside. In addition, there is the usual collection of mice, moles, racoon, skunk and opossum. In wet years, frogs are heard croaking through the night.
    Creatures of the Field
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    Numerous feathered friends inhabit the area or fly through seasonally: Black Phoebe; Pacific Flycatcher; Lesser Goldfinch; Stellar Jay; Varied Thrush; Hermit Thrush; Oak Titmouse; Scrub Jay; Chestnut Backed Chickadee; Bushtit; Mockingbird; Oriole; Anna’s Hummingbird; Bewick’s Wren; American Kestrel; Sharp Shinned Hawk; American Robin; Townsend’s Warbler; Golden Crowned Sparrow; White Crowned Sparrow; House Finch; Purple Finch; Ruby Crowned Kinglet; Yellow Rumped Warbler; Brown Creeper; Red Breasted Nuthatch; Red Breasted Sapsucker; Hairy Woodpecker; Red Tailed Hawk; Vulture; Crow; Northern Red Shafted Flicker; California Towhee; Spotted Towhee; Swainson’s Thrush; Dark Eyed Junco Slate Colored; Dark Eyed Junco Pink Sided; Fox Sparrow; Turkey; Quail; and owls have been heard at night.
    Birds of the Air
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    Fairview Open Space has not been fully cataloged. A casual walk in spring will delight the observer with blue eyed grass and Chinese houses. While there are abundant invasive grasses, purple needle grass and deer grass can be found on the hillside. Trees include coast live oak and willows. Watch out for poison oak and blackberries along the creeks.
    Native Plants and Trees