The Largest Remaining Parcel of Unprotected Open Space in the El Cerrito hills
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El Cerrito Hillside Organization (ECHO) is a community group dedicated to preserving Fairview Open Space, the largest remaining parcel of unprotected open space in the El Cerrito hills.

Fairview Open Space is a unique 14.88 acre site that borders El Cerrito's Hillside Natural Area with panoramic Bay views and two natural creeks.

About ECHO

About Fairview Open Space

El Cerrito Hillside Organization or ECHO is a community group dedicated to preserving the largest remaining parcel of unprotected open space in the El Cerrito hills, known as Fairview Open Space.  Our goal is to preserve this open space for the benefit of the creatures that inhabit it and the residents of our Bay Area community.
Fairview Open Space is a 14.88 acre site of unprotected open space adjoining the northern border of El Cerrito's Hillside Natural Area.  It offers panoramic views of San Francisco Bay and supports a wide variety of native wildlife and plants with natural springs and two local creeks.

About the Creeks


Two natural creeks border the north and south boundaries of the Fairview Open Space.  These undisturbed creeks are surrounded by a riparian habitat and are part of the Baxter Creek Watershed providing a source of water year round.  Interesting features include several small waterfalls.
Fairview Open Space is 1/4 mile from the Hayward Fault and is a high risk landslide area based on the 1973 Tri Cities Geology study.


Fairview Open Space

Protect and preserve our open space.  Join your community and stay in touch through ECHO:  send e-mail to: ElCerritoHillside-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Our email address is: cerritohillside@yahoo.com